Recently Added Images
Buildings and Architectural Details from Around the World
Details & Objects
Images of Those Things We Might Not Always Notice.
Landscapes and Nature
Nature Settings and Plant Life
Around Europe
England, Scotland, Italy, Portugal, Spain
Images from Across Denmark 2013
Canada - Atlantic Provinces
Images from 1996 and 2017
From Close-Up Details to Images from the Air
Rockets & Space
Saturn V to the Space Shuttle
The Repair Shop - Hoopers
A Family Owned Automotive Rear End Shop Start in the mid 1970's
Old Woodworking School
School which teaches woodworking, blacksmithing and printing using hand power equipment.
Hardware & Millwork Store
Hardware and Millwork Store that has been in business since the mid 1950's or earlier.
China Metal Factory
A 30 Minute Tour thru a Metal Fabrication Factory
China Street Photography
Between 2014 and 2018 I made multiple trips to Shanghai and Xiamen China. These images are of some of the people and activities I saw while exploring those two cities.
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